How to prepare for your junk removal pick up

When you have a pick up scheduled there are a few things you can do to make your pick up go smooth and fast. 
  • Remove any items that are placed on top of or around the items being removed. 

  • Ensure there is a clear path for the movers to be able to walk without having to step over or around unnecessary items. 

  • Be as specific as possible about the items needing to be removed.

  • Have all trash/debris bagged up and ready for pick up.

Have a plan

The smoothest pick ups happen when the customer has a plan and is ready for the removal crew to do their job.  Knowing which items are going and which are staying can help save you time as well as money.​

Know your load size

Providing an accurate description of your junk removal load will ensure you get a quote that is accurate and closest to what the final cost will be.


If you think you might need to reschedule your pick up please communicate that before the crew arrives.  If you have added items or think you might add items it's always a good idea to communicate that as the crew will regularly have pick ups scheduled before and after yours.



Before and After

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